Fish 055

fish stall
fish stall

The 3rd closing week. I did miss pasar aunties a little.

FMCO does impact my mental health a little. The feeling of stuck strikes more often, sometimes lonely. Anyone feel the same?

Unsurprisingly, I hv many friends (mostly IT ppl) doing all right during this period. Make me wonder, why couldn't I? Am I nt IT!?

If u r thinking "Aiya, u r very lucky ady, u dun hv to worry about food and money, js stay at home also complain so much, so difficult meh, js hang in thr.", u r nt wrong, but blaming isn't helping.

Social interaction is a need. One can pause for a while (coz unlike food, u won't die immediately without that) but the longer the time, it's getting harder. It impacts mental health, and might leads to greater problems.

Stay negative (covid) all. Gambateh! No advice for u, but let's nt dismiss your feeling, get vaccinated, stay strong and get through this together. Fighting! 💪


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