Fish 040

fish stall
fish stall

Super busy day. Many fishes, many customers, partly coz my dad was off ytd due to a rat visiting our house. 🙈

Today I became a superstar in the pasar, because... my dad bought the #feminine magazine few days ago, put at the stall let ppl read. 🙄

He also shared my videos and interview URLs with some customers and pasar sellers. 🙄

Dad: Did the fruit stall auntie asks u anything?
Me: Ya, she asked about the interview.

Dad: She always like to show off her children ma, so I purposely shared with her.
Me: So what's the difference btw u and her since u show off oso?

Dad: I won't if she doesn't.
Me: But in the interview I did point out tht u treat son better wor, even educational wise. #重男轻女

Dad: Doesn't matter, that's common thinking in old generation. I'm js one of them. The point is that train u well.

Me: 🙄 (Should I say thank you)

Well, I don't enjoy limelight in pasar setting. So many kepochi questions I need to entertain, and no aunties offer to introduce me their sons. 😂


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