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fish packs
fish packs

This is how we mark customers' purchases. Name on plastics.

Let's talk about how Chinese name relates to society progress.Then I share about a problem with the above marking method.

The two words on plastics are common names for old old generation (50s) - 金(gold), 财(prosper). Other common ones are 银(silver), 富(rich), 发(be rich).

From the names, u knw how much Chinese like money 💰- that reflect the hardship and poverty the old one went thru, so they wish the next generation $$$.

As life getting better over time, less pressure on $$$, then naming changed for older generation (70s) - 扬(famous), 胜(win), 建(build), 丽(beautiful), 爱(love), 诗(poem).

See it moved frm $$$ to wishing:

Then for the younger generation, the names become more artsy, creative and spontaneous - 雨(rain), 宇 (universe), 峰 (mountain), 紫 (purple).

Even better, I start seeing some parent try to make the names sound like Korean stars or just direct translated from English (For example Henry Lim - 林亨力). 😂

Names are gifts from parents to us. Hopefully parents choose their gifts wisely.

Make sure it at least sound acceptable in a few commonly used languages, so ur kids dun get laughed by ppl, else it become nightmare. 😆

There are a few 金(gold) and 财(prosper) in pasar, so I did mix up their fishes sometimes. 🙈

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