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fish stall
fish stall

Let's talk about personal branding.

Dad: As long as you understand your customers, with good reputation and decent selling skill, u can sell anything.

My dad is a brand of himself. People buy stuff frm him because they trust him (the quality of his pick).

My best friend started a new family business recently - the homemade pork belly braised yam in the photo. #芋头扣肉

I asked my dad to help selling that. Unknown and not-too-cheap product like this really put his skill in test - #blowwater and #reputation.

A: (Take the pack, talk to dad) Wah, u made this ah?
Me: No la, homemade by my friend.

A: Oh. (put it back)
Dad: Not I made, but I ate the other day, quite tasty oh, can buy n try.

A: But expensive leh
Dad: If too cheap you don't buy lo, u tot quality meat cheap nowadays meh? This one her friend uses grade A chinese wine somemore leh.

Me: Yaya.
A: Ok la, give me a pack to test.

Well, I estimated slow selling, so I only brought 5 boxes to the pasar for trial. But wow, end up my dad sold 25 packs in a day. 😳

Even when the 5 physical packs are gone, he still keep selling with his talking skill and it works, customers pre-order that.

Well... that was unexpected. I'm impressed. No wonder my mom married him last time. 😂

(This story happened last week, this week Im off)

#自媒体 #个人品牌

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