Fish 026

fish stall
fish stall

Sea cucumber #海参 selling season starts, winter solstice and Chinese New Year are coming!

Many pasar sellers like to gamble. Morning cash in, afternoon go Genting.

It becomes their daily life, hobby and social activities.

Stall A: Walao, Genting now has many COVID cases. Scary leh.

Stall B: I miss going up, hand itchy (want to bet)!

Dad: I think Genting road gt many potholes now, coz all "donors" cannot go. 😂

Me: Stall C, your fish RM 50.

Stall C: So expensive!

Stall D: Stall C, how much do u want to buy Toto later, XXXX?

Stall C: RM 100 big, RM 100 small.

Me: 🙄 (Fish is expensive, but Toto is not)

Some stalls hv good business, but still in great debts. Some cannot afford kids for better education, some cannot afford operation freeze like MCO, some old sellers cannot retire. There are many more worse examples.

Why? Because they hv no saving, no proper financial planning. Money in, money goes.

If you are youngsters reading this, this isn't apply js to gambling - gaming spending, impulsive online shopping, etc as well.

It's okay to hv hobby, but pls be a responsible adult. Properly plan your spending, saving and investment.

Or get married and hv kids early, hope they will be grateful and support u financially when u are old lol.

Or... buy saving/investment plan, force yourself to do it. But I am nt an agent and this is nt an ads. Agents can leave your contact in comment. 😂

#今宵有酒今宵醉 #风吹鸡蛋壳 #财散人安乐

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