Fish 018

Fish stall
Fish stall

Woo, today got premium customer ordered a whole cod fish, about 1.4k, each slice bigger than my palm.

Doing business is about extending conversation.

A: Fish fresh anot today?
Me: Fresh! We no fresh no sell one. (Abor i said nt fresh meh, extend further, bluffing + demo) Ytd catch one. Nah, u press and see this fish, bla bla bla

B: Is this fish tasty? Meat elastic anot?
Me: Of course tasty la, everyone eat will sure come back buy one (extend, empty promise), if nt tasty u come back i replace one for u.

C: Which fish nicer?
Me: All fish r equally nice wor (can stop here or extend suggest), but if u like steam fish, then this is better (extend even further) u can steam with (recipe sharing, bla bla).

Next level

D: (Just passing by the stall, nt stopping)
Dad: Ei, ur last Monday fish taste good anot? (knw details, extend upsell) tdy I gt this prawn, i rmb ur son like it, wanna get some?


The conversation can be meaningless, telling the obvious or asking them boring questions.

Prepare a few "pickup lines". Just keep talking. The key is avoiding awkward silence, easier to close sales.

It's even better if u rmb some details if possible, establish more human touch and connection.

This skill is useful everywhere. #吹水讲废话

My dad used to call me "clam mouth", coz my face is serious by default #他生的 and i dun talk further when customer asks for price (my mouth = clam shell = close hard 😂).

Many customers walked away without buying if I served last time. Cost him some lost before, haha.

But! I'm now his favorite helper lol... compare to my brother. 🤣

Well, programmer better, by default can be "clam mouth", that's the common expectation. 😆

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