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Fish stall
Fish stall

Sometimes i really beh tahan pasar aunties bargaining skill.

Auntie A: How much?
Me: 19.2. count u RM 19 la.

Auntie B: 24.5 ah, RM 24 enough la~

Auntie C: 33.9 ah, RM 33 cannot meh!

Auntie D: 47 ah, RM 45 can ady la~

Walao eh, 90 cent also want to round down? All math fail is it. Rounding doesn't work like that leh! πŸ˜‚

Small number i will round down automatically, big number don't la, we r js small business ok. 😌

That's y my dad said, sometimes it's good to say higher then charge lower.

For example, when the price is 11.4, just say "11.7, aiya cincai la, charge u 11.5 enough ady, special discount for u".

Usually aunties wont bargain again, unless those really thick face one, can ignore.

Problem reduced, πŸ’°in πŸ‘© happy. Win-win. #streetsmart

I dun do it all the time, because i always forget that this is not programming, no need to be so accurate. πŸ˜† (except JavaScript...)

#ζˆ‘δ»¬η»ε―ΉδΈζ˜―ε₯Έε•†ε“¦ #ζƒ…εŠΏζ‰€ι€Όε•Š

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