Fish 015

Fish stall
Fish stall

Manager should help staff to prioritize tasks and share the workloads. Nt just giving instructions.

Dad: Pack this fish for auntie A.

Dad: Peel these prawn shells for auntie B.

Dad: Weight these fishes (a lot) for auntie C.

Auntie D: Amoi, come help me pick a few nice prawns.

Auntie E: Girl, how much is this fish ah?

Auntie F: Ei, my fish processed ady anot, can faster ah.

Walao, im a single core, at most duo core processor jer, not thousand-hands guanyin ok!!! #千手观音

Ideally, I will handle pipeline first C-E-D, then closing sales F-A, then after sales service B.

The problem is, when tasks r all coming at once, all eyes r on you; some said rushing, some are premium customers, the u gg. The queue doesn't work that way.

Me: 🙄 (Asking while peeling prawns for the premium and rushing customer). Wait! Boss, which one should I handle first, no hands ady!

Successfully diverted attention. All aunties eye on dad now, don't care. 😬

Dad stopped cutting fish and come helping #frontend. 😁

Frontend is nt easy ok, dun keep passing all the tasks to frontend, and hiding in the backend ok!!!


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