Fish 010

Fish stall
Fish stall

An unknown 70 yrs-old-ish auntie dragged a trolley to our stall and started talking to me. Dad was away.

A: Pretty, shopping pasar very tired. Are you going home soon?

Me: (Alert, why she asked that. I stay calm, ignore question) U can put ur trolley here for a while, sit and rest.

A: This trolley is very heavy. I'm thinking if u r going back soon can u help to send to my house?

Me: (Alert, what!? I don't even knw u!? 跟你很熟咩?) Errrr…

Luckily, dad came back in time. Auntie repeated the same request.

Dad: Ok ah, no problem.
Me: 😮

Apparently this is nt the first time.

Me: Wah, nvr know u r so kind-hearted one.
Dad: Aiya, her home is just on the way back. Pasar might be her only social place nw. Helping ppl whatever possible lo. U old ady then u knw. 😲

Wow! I guess the older one grows, the more empathy one will be? Coz u might be the next one tht need help.

Probably I shouldn't be too alert js nw. This is the kind of service u dun get in hypermarket. #人情味

Ok, good model to show me how he wants to be treated when he is older. 😆

#言教不如身教 #丢他去老人院吗

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