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Fish stall
Fish stall

Today i prepared a success story of digital transformation, but turn out it's a failure because didn't met the business expectation.

So the current 🐟 price calculation process is manual like this photo shown, it's slow.

I bought a digital scale for my dad (actually to ease myself la πŸ˜†). I did proper user training, teach him how to use it. Also consult him to test it in production during non-busy day.

So far so good, dad feedback the scale make the process faster. So I tot I can proudly goyang kaki tdy, took photo and share the #successstory.

Manatau I arrived at the stall this morning and still see this calculator and normal scale. No sign of digital scale.

Me: Why ah? I thought u say it's good and faster?
Dad: Faster is faster la, but too accurate ady, I lost money! Cannot la!

U knw fish selling is a low margin business, every cent count. With manual scale one can round up easier! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Note: But our price is competitive, somemore with premium fish quality)

Actually, it's a long consideration before I purchase the scale. Part of my heart wants him to use traditional calculation on normal day, use digital one only on busy day (when im thr 😁).

The reason is old uncle needs to keep doing brain exercise to stay healthy! Also becoz I like how the old way can simulate more conversation with human, can fight price calculation with aunties!

Js that young one like me lazy lo sometimes, brain karat ady. Haiz, finding shortcut but gt banned by old folk, oppss.

Happy for him, sad for me. Need to find a way to convince him to let me use it when im helping! 😏

#ζš‚ζ—Άθ½¬εž‹ε€±θ΄₯ #δΈθΏ‡δΉŸζ˜―ε₯½ηš„ #θ€ηš„θ„‘θ¦ε€šθΏεŠ¨ #不θ‡ͺεŠ¨εŒ–ζ―”θΎƒζœ‰δΊΊζƒ…ε‘³

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